Nootropic Stacking: Piracetam and Choline
May 8, 2017

Maximizing Nootropic Stacking

Nootropic stacking pertains to the technique used by nutritional supplement enthusiasts. It is simple enough to understand. All you have to do is combine one supplement with one or more other supplements to get enhanced results.

Basic Stacking

Now, to give readers a concrete example of stacking, let us look at one of the most basic examples. Nootropic beginners need to ease into the whole stacking thing, that being said, we recommend that you start with your Piracetam first before moving on to other supplements.

Piracetam addresses a number of crucial cognitive issues. For instance, it can help foster your creativity, enhance your memory, and limit the negative impacts of cognitive decline due to aging. Now, the problem with this particular supplement is that it can be a little slow in terms of taking effect. That is why we recommend that you combine it with Choline to help hasten the process and strengthen the effects.

This is just one example of basic nootropic stacking. Combining your basic piracetam with other supplements is a good way to start. There are so many possible combinations for you to explore, so get started!

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