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May 10, 2017
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Boosting Your Intelligence with Nootropics

One of the most common reasons people choose to use smart drugs, or nootropics, is because they want to enhance the capacity of their mind. After all, everyone wants to increase their intelligence levels, one way or another.

This article presents the specific way wherein nootropic supplements can help in this regard.


Different Types of Intelligence 

Now, before we get into the discussion of how Nootropic supplements can help boost your intelligence, it is vital that we readers get a grasp of what we mean when we say the word ‘intelligence’, because, after all, there are various types of intelligence. The right nootropic stack can help you address the different aspects of your intelligence.

For our purposes, we can distinguish intelligence into two distinct categories. Namely, these categories are known as Crystalized Intelligence and Fluid Intelligence. Readers need to understand that these two types of intellect are vital to everything that we do. They both come into play while we are at work, at school, or anywhere else. They complement each other, making one useless without the other.

  • Crystalized Intelligence – This type of intelligence pertains to the body of knowledge one has gained throughout their whole life. It includes your experiences, memories, and all the information you have accumulated over the years. So, for instance, when you memorize a book’s content, you are essentially adding to the crystallized intelligence which is primarily located in your long-term memory.
  • Fluid Intelligence: Fluid intelligence is more closely related to your cognitive abilities. This type of intelligence is reflected in the way you reason, learn, discern patterns, and solve problems. For instance, this is best seen when faced with a mathematical problem or an argument. Your fluid intelligence is put to work during these situations as your brain tries to solve these new dilemmas as they present themselves.

Of course one can see the connection between these two types of intelligence clearly. In order for the brain to solve new problems, we combine our cognitive skills with the knowledge we already know (crystallized intelligence) to solve the new problem at hand.


Nootropics for Boosting you Intelligence

Enhancing your intelligence is easier once you have a grasp of how intelligence is classified. For instance, your fluid intellect is closely related to your working memory capacity. This is because as you process new information, you are also accessing stored information in your long-term memory. You can boost your fluid intelligence by taking nootropics that specifically target your synaptic plasticity and short-term memory.

On the other hand, if you wish to improve your crystallized intelligence, then there is also a way for nootropics to help you do just that. Your supplements should be designed to boost not only long-term memory formation but also enhancing memory storage and facilitating easier recall.


Of course, this does not mean that boosting your intelligence should be divided into two categories as well. As explained, these two types are complementary. One would be useless without the other. So, if you truly want to make yourself smarter, choose a nootropic stack that enhances both.

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