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Nootropics are perhaps one of the best examples of how science and technology can all make us better. Its primary function, after all, is to enhance the user’s cognitive functions. By maximizing the untapped potential of our brain, these supplements essentially make you the best that you can be. With these smart drugs, you can be the best version of yourself.

However, in spite of their many benefits, nootropics still do not get the recognition they deserve. Here at Zeebo Nootropics, we seek to remedy this situation by helping readers understand how these supplements work and how to use them properly.

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Nootropics: Improving Memory

Perhaps one of the best impacts nootropic intake can have is improved memory. This is also one of the main reasons why many of us choose to experiment with nootropics in the first place. After all, who wouldn’t want a sharper memory?

Of course, this is easier said than done. It mostly involves a process called nootropic stacking. This article delves into how you can improve your memory with the proper intake of the right supplements.


Nootropic Stacking

Stacking is a basic activity that comes with nootropic intake. It involves combining different supplements to get enhanced results quickly. There are literally thousands of combinations that you can make, all of them yielding different results from enhanced creativity, sharpened focus, and even better memory. At the end of the day, it all comes down to finding the right mixture.


How Memory Retention Works

Before getting into the discussion of how nootropics can improve your memory, we first need to discuss the basic cognitive factors involved in the process. In particular, readers need to understand the importance of synaptic plasticity.

This pertains to the ability of neurons and brain cells to maintain old connections and form new ones. As we get older, these connections tend to weaken, disappear, and generally get harder to produce. This translates into forgetfulness and the inability to fully absorb and retain new information.

If you want your nootropic stack to address your memory problem, the supplements you choose must help improve the synaptic plasticity. This is a problem normally encountered as people age. Of course, this does not mean that memory-boosting stacks are exclusive to the elderly. Anyone can improve their memory by choosing the right supplements.


Nootropic Memory Enhancers

One of the best ways to improve your memory using nootropics is by optimizing the levels of your acetylcholine. If you do not understand the importance of increasing the levels of Acetylcholine, then pay close attention.

Basically, it is among the most vital neurotransmitters in your brain. Its main function is to assist in establishing the important connections between neurons and synapses. So, higher levels of acetylcholine essentially translate to increased neural plasticity.Readers should understand that the best nootropics for memory enhancement should not only encourage an increase in acetylcholine production but they should also ensure that it is not easily broken down.


For this purpose, we recommend that you give piracetam a try. These are specifically designed to stimulate the acetylcholine production. These supplements are known to be the most powerful catalysts of acetylcholine among all nootropics available today.

Of course, like with other nootropics, when taken by themselves piracetam can take a while before their effects can fully kick in. That is why it is vital that they are combined into a stack with a choline supplement. Of course, you can also get additional choline from food like eggs and fish, but we recommend that you make full use of the supplements available to you.

These 3 Technology Enhancements Will Change How We Perceive Our Brains

Whenever someone tries to enhance their cognitive performance or focus on their work, they are consistently faced with the limitations of their own biology. This comes with many drawbacks and side effects and can create a lot of tension for those who are not careful. For most people who are trying to improve the quality of their brains and optimize mental performance, it makes a lot of sense to simply look to our future.

What is on the horizon that could help to achieve the level of cognitive performance and mental stamina that we are all looking for? Instead of flailing around trying to come up with tools for our basic needs, we can look for future tools that will drastically improve all of the aspects of cognition that we hold dear.

Our Top 3 Technologies

The top technologies that drive us forward make things a lot easier for us in the long run. Even though people are trying to make best use of the tools we have currently, there are still many things to look forward to:

#1. Biofeedback – getting tools that can give us biofeedback is important, but QEEG is one of the more democratized and cheaper tools that we can use. In a recent piece, one biohacker used a QEEG to measure nootropics and specifically whether or not phenylpiracetam works for concentration and creativity. Most of the evidence pointed towards yes, which was a great thing to find.


#2. Genomics – understanding how your genes interact with the environment is a big part of diagnosing and improving upon our greatest challenges. There are many tools where genes are being better understood and customized including tools like 23andme.

There are plenty of people who are utilizing the tools to improve their level of success and it is important to keep your genes as well understood as possible. Many of the genomic strategies will help with the combination of nootropics and other tools.

#3. Metabolomics – the metabolic pathways that influence us on a daily basis have a lot bigger role to play than we may know. It’s impossible to understand how effective a tool can be without being able to focus on your metabolism and figure out what is right for you.

The vast majority of people who are using the metabolic tools find that there are specific syndromes and other problems that can get in the way. It is a really important thing for people to find a tool (like Qualia) where it can help and doesn’t have a lot of side effects. Most of the people who use Qualia find that there are many benefits. The Qualia benefits may only differ based on metabolism, however.

Take consideration to understand these 3 new tools that will start to come out over the course of the next few years. As you are going to find out, there are plenty of advantages of using these tools in the ways that you see fit. Most people don’t do a good enough job of this, however. Stay strong and you’ll have the results you are looking for.

Warm Mist and Cool Mist Humidifiers

Warm Mist Humidifiers vs. Cool Mist Humidifiers

Have a humidifier in your house? You might not have thought about the invaluable benefits of installing one. A humidifier is an electric appliance that supplies moisture in a room or a building. Research reveals that 40% and above humidity inactivates the influenza virus. Dry air has many adverse effects such as itchy or flaky skin, eye irritation, dry throat, allergies, unproductive coughs, sinus headaches, and bloody noses. Ventilate your room with pure air and live healthily. You may choose to buy either the warm mist humidifier or the cool mist humidifier.

Warm Mist Humidifiers


The warm mist humidifier heats water until it boils in an internal system, then the vapor is released into the environment as a fine invisible mist.
Why you should buy a warm mist humidifier
• It purifies air
The warm mist humidifier boils water, killing mold and harmful bacteria that are hazardous. Thus, the air in the room is fresh.
• It is more suitable for use during winter
• It doesn’t use a fan. Hence it is not noisy like the cool mist humidifier
Demerits of warm mist humidifiers
• They are limited for functioning in small rooms such as offices and bedrooms
• Mineral deposits form on the surface during boiling making the warm mist humidifier challenging to clean

Cool Mist Humidifiers


Cool mist humidifiers work by the principle of dispersing a current of room-temperature moisture into your room. According to technology, we have two types of cool mist humidifiers: the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier and the evaporative cool mist humidifier.
a) Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
This type of humidifier uses ultrasonic vibration technology that creates a micro-fine cool mist. The mist gradually drifts throughout your vicinity.
b) Evaporative Cool Mist Humidifier
This humidifier has an internal wick filter that absorbs water, and a fan that blows out the air via the filter. Therefore, water evaporates into a room as a fine mist.
Why many users prefer the cool mist humidifier
• Cool mist humidifier prevents hot water accidents.
In residents with curious fingers, this is the best option. For example, mothers prefer cool mist humidifiers to avert the hazard of the warm mist humidifiers on their children in bedrooms and nurseries.
• The cool mist humidifiers use less electricity because there is no heating of water like in the warm mist humidifiers.
Demerits of cool mist humidifiers
• This humidifier can make the air feel slightly chilly
• The cool mist humidifiers use fans that are somewhat noisier compared to warm mist humidifiers


Do you need a soothing breeze into your room? You can now turn your dry indoor air to a comfortable environment. Warm mist humidifier or cool mist humidifier? Whichever your choice, you are right. However, if you are a parent with small kids, it is advisable to buy the cool mist humidifier. Another factor to consider is quality. There are many brands of humidifiers in the market. Thus, it is necessary to do some research and buy an appliance that is efficient and durable.


CDP Choline Isn’t Sexy, but it Sure Does Work

We know sexy nootropics like Qualia are all the rage these days, but the reality is that CDP choline works really well. It may not be anything special, but we are big believers.

CDP Choline, also known as citicoline is a great nootropic supplement.It is best known for its capacity to ensure the cerebrum against memory misfortune and to upgrade memory. However, an enhanced memory is just piece of the CDP choline picture; it can likewise elevate center, increment mental vitality, and give better lucidity of thought.

Late investigations show that it might even be a helpful treatment for a large group of therapeutic issues, going from head wounds, stroke, and neurodegenerative sicknesses to glaucoma, a lack of ability to concentrate consistently scatter, and even cocaine reliance.

For nootropic clients, a standout amongst fascinating parts of supplementing with a choline source, for example, CDP Choline is its capacity to open up and improve the impacts of other nootropic supplements. It works with racetam class nootropics, critically potentiating the results of memory supporters, for example, piracetam and pramiracetam while keeping the minor however irritating migraines that are regular symptoms related to racetam supplementation.

CDP choline, alongside alpha GPC and centrophenoxine, is viewed as the most helpful choline supplements for nootropics purposes.

Advantages and impacts

CDP choline is an excellent nootropic supplement that enhances different nootropics and takes a shot at its own to improve numerous parts of discernment and cerebrum well-being:
• Memory Upgrade: CDP Choline is maybe best known for its capacity to enhance memory and forestall memory misfortune. It is every now and again connected with hostile to maturing and has been examined as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s malady.
• Increased Mental Vitality: Keeping up top mental energy is critical for everybody, from understudies confronting exams to more established individuals experiencing the mental back off regularly connected with maturing. Clinical trials have demonstrated that CDP Choline has a critical beneficial outcome on mental vitality, expanding frontal flap bioenergetics and moderating the psychological decays related with maturing.
• Better Center and Fixation: CDP choline can broaden the capacity to think for longer periods with less diversion, a fundamental for contemplating, acing another expertise, or finishing any intricate and rationally requesting assignment. Studies demonstrate this is genuine even on account of actual conditions including stroke, cerebrum damage, and Alzheimer’s sickness.
• Potentiating and Opening up Different Nootropics: Numerous nootropic clients consider CDP choline an absolute necessity have while building any stack or a mix of supplements. A remarkable choline source, it works especially well with racetam class nootropics, making their belongings more grounded and in the meantime keeping the minor cerebral pain that is some of the time related with racetams. It has been appeared to defer the beginning of mental decay in Alzheimer’s ailment when utilized as a part of the blend with piracetam.


CDP choline is an excellent psychostimulant nootropic that works in different ways: it repairs neuronal films and reestablishes it expands the levels of dopamine in the focal sensory system, and it upgrades the creation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. Its instruments of activity have been widely contemplated, and dissimilar to those of numerous nootropics, CDP choline’s activities and procedures are surely known.

On ingestion CDP choline parts into choline and cytidine and scatters all through the body, crossing the blood-mind boundary and entering the focal sensory system. The cytidine is changed over into uridine, a nucleotide base that is essential to neural film amalgamation and is accepted to improve cognizance. The discharged choline goes about as a cholinergic, expanding levels of choline in the cerebrum.

Collaboration with Racetam Class Nootropics

CDP choline’s post-ingestion activity as a cholinergic makes it a perfect supplement to racetam nootropics, which draw intensely on choline for their cerebrum improving capacities.

Choline is the forerunner to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is pivotal to numerous parts of intellectual capacity, memory and especially learning.The Racetam class nootropics like piracetam are considered acetylcholine agonists, aggravates that expansion the creation and arrival of acetylcholine by invigorating the proper neurotransmitter receptor destinations.

At the point when adequate choline is available, the expanded generation and arrival of acetylcholine makes critical intellectual upgrades, going from better memory to better concentration, clearer thought, quicker review, and even improved tactile observations. However, when choline supplies in mind are inadequate, the impact of racetam supplements is altogether decreased. Moreover, the minor however irritating migraines that are once in a while connected with racetam utilize are principally inferable from lacking choline.

Therefore, numerous nootropic clients consider CDP choline an unquestionable requirement when collecting a stack that incorporates racetams. Each is an intense mind enhancer all alone, however together they’re much more strong than it is possible that one could be without anyone else.

Benefits of Magnesium in Our Body

When the benefits of minerals to our health are being discussed, most of the emphasis seems to be on bulk minerals like calcium and iron. It is unfortunate because our good health indeed depends on getting plenty of a wide array of minerals. Magnesium is a mineral that does not receive enough attention. It means that most people today could be benefited by a supplementing their diet with magnesium.

Magnesium is best known for its role in preventing and reversing osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become weak and brittle. Magnesium assists the body in absorbing and using calcium. It also affects the various hormones in the body that influence bone density and calcium absorption. Getting plenty of magnesium helps increase bone density but helping the body utilize calcium more efficiently. Excess calcium can migrate into the muscles, leading to cramps and pain. It can also move into the kidneys where it solidifies forming kidney stones. Getting adequate magnesium makes sure that more of this calcium is used and may help prevent kidney stones.

Magnesium also helps control high blood pressure. Magnesium does this by relaxing smooth muscles in the arteries that cause them to dilate. Studies suggest that through this action and its ability to work with potassium to manage blood pressure, magnesium helps to prevent hypertension.

Magnesium is also active in the balancing our blood sugar. It is needed to metabolize carbohydrates. Too little magnesium can cause insulin, the enzyme that controls the levels of blood sugar, to stop working. Insulin resistance is the term that describes this condition. Insulin resistance is usually a first step towards the development of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is another name for adult-onset diabetes. As insulin becomes less effective, it takes more and more of it to create the same drop in blood sugar. Eventually, full-blown diabetes develops. Getting the recommended amount of magnesium will improve the ability of the body to control blood sugar and hopefully prevent diabetes from developing in later life.

There is magnesium in a nootropic called Qualia. Many people believe that Qualia is a great nootropic that can positively impact brain health. There is a good reason they have included magnesium in this mix!

Blood pressure and blood sugar both affect cardiovascular health. It seems to reason than that magnesium would help ensure good cardiovascular health. Irregular heart rhythm can be caused by a lack of sufficient magnesium. Magnesium also stops abnormal blood clots from forming in the heart. Research has shown that patients recovering from strokes or heart attacks can be helped by using magnesium supplements. Magnesium may also prevent stroke and heart attacks in the first place.

Magnesium is an incredibly useful mineral for our body. Sadly, many do not receive the recommended amounts of magnesium to maintain our good health. A supplement may be the only way to make sure that our body gets all the magnesium it needs to perform at its peak. When taking calcium supplements, it is also recommended to take a supplement of twice the amount of magnesium as well. Liquid mineral supplements increase the ability of the digestive system to absorb minerals by supplying them in a form that is readily utilized by the body. Take a liquid magnesium supplement every day to prevent weak bones, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes. Take the time today to ensure your magnesium intake is sufficient to keep yourself in excellent health by buying a high-quality liquid magnesium supplement.

Experts have suggested that stress, aging, and various diseases can increase magnesium requirements. Foods that are in high in magnesium are also high in dietary fiber and potassium too. If magnesium and calcium are not taken in adequate amounts, then it can lead to disorders such as hypertension, atherosclerotic vascular disease, and osteoporosis.

Chelated magnesium is a useful form of magnesium that can be easily absorbed by your body. Chelated magnesium tablets are commonly used for maintaining adequate magnesium in our body. These capsules and tablets should be taken with a glass of water.

Calcium magnesium citrate is a unique formula that contains both calcium and magnesium along with vitamin D and is easily available in the market. Calcium is necessary for the overall development of the body needed. Calcium deficiency can cause many complications like headaches, muscle cramps, kidney stones, joint pains, and depression. Calcium magnesium citrate tablets assist in overcoming the nutrient deficiency and also to fight against above-mentioned diseases.

Studies have also shown positive effects of magnesium on cholesterol. Regular intake of magnesium can reduce your cholesterol levels. A diet that contains plenty of vegetables and fruits are a good source of magnesium. A magnesium rich diet helps to regulate the blood pressure naturally. Studies have revealed that high blood pressure can be lowered by a diet with more vegetables.

Magnesium glycinate for better sleep

Magnesium is one of the most essential vitamins required by the body for a whole host of different functions. These range from the health of the bones, contraction of muscles, and relaxation. Magnesium also plays a vital role in the overall health of the brain. Those who are suffering from a magnesium deficiency are more likely to experience periods of depressive mood, an increased likelihood of experiencing anxiety and difficulty with falling and remaining asleep.

There are several reasons as to why the individual may be experiencing magnesium deficiency. It is a common deficiency throughout the developed Western world and is most often experienced by those suffering from certain health conditions or who exercise intensively on a regular basis. Conditions of the gastrointestinal tract that lead to the onset of diarrhea and vomiting can cause a significant reduction in the amount of magnesium found in the body. Those who sweat profusely throughout the day will most likely be losing more magnesium than they can readily replace with the food that they eat.

Magnesium and sleep disorders

As magnesium works directly on helping the muscles to relax, the ability to eliminate insomnia becomes much easier. Muscle relaxation is extremely important to help the individual reach a stage of non-rem sleep. Those who are deficient in magnesium may also be experiencing restless leg syndrome and painful muscle cramps which prevent them from getting a good night’s rest. The best way to encourage healthily restful sleep is by ensuring that the body has adequate magnesium stores available.

When people fail to reach a state of non-rem sleep, the body is not able to rest and recover adequately. This lack of beneficial deep sleep can lead to the onset of changes in emotional behavior. As anyone who has ever experienced a restless night will know, a lack of sleep will leave them feeling irritable and drowsy. When combined with the symptoms of magnesium deficiency, this can lead to an atmosphere that creates a feeling of depression and stress.

With the onset of stress, the individual is most likely to experience an increase in the number of stress hormones released by the body. These stress hormones are adrenaline and cortisol and both play a leading role in depressive disorders and a reduction of cognitive abilities. By supplementing with magnesium glycinate, the individual is able to eliminate the cause of the release of these hormones, which will lead to an improvement of mood, thinking about it is, and overall health and well-being.

How much magnesium glycinate to take to improve sleep?

The amount of magnesium glycinate that the individual will need to take to improve sleep will largely depend on how deficient they currently are with their magnesium levels. If the individual is experiencing chronic insomnia, which has been ongoing for a period of 14 days or more then it is recommended to take 400 mg of magnesium glycinate roughly two to three hours before retiring to bed. This allows the intestinal tract to effectively absorb the magnesium and deliver it to the brain and bloodstream.

If you experience loose stools for the first few days of using magnesium glycinate, you should know that this is perfectly normal and will usually pass as the body adjust to the increased amounts of magnesium available. If your loose stools or diarrhea last for more than 7 days, then you should reduce the dosage amount down to 200 mg and then slowly build it up in 15 mg increments each day. This gives the body a chance to adapt to the newly increased levels of magnesium available and help prevent the risk of developing side effects.

There are certain instances where magnesium glycinate should not be used. If you are suffering from kidney damage, taking high doses of magnesium glycinate may lead to renal failure. It should also be noted that those with heart conditions should take care when using magnesium glycinate as it has the ability to cause erratic heart rhythms. Magnesium is a mineral that is found in the body of every living person, therefore it is known to be safe to take as a health supplement. You should always stick to recommended guidelines when it comes to taking magnesium glycinate, as excessively high doses can come with their own set of side effects, which at times, may prove fatal.

Boosting Your Intelligence with Nootropics

One of the most common reasons people choose to use smart drugs, or nootropics, is because they want to enhance the capacity of their mind. After all, everyone wants to increase their intelligence levels, one way or another.

This article presents the specific way wherein nootropic supplements can help in this regard.


Different Types of Intelligence 

Now, before we get into the discussion of how Nootropic supplements can help boost your intelligence, it is vital that we readers get a grasp of what we mean when we say the word ‘intelligence’, because, after all, there are various types of intelligence. The right nootropic stack can help you address the different aspects of your intelligence.

For our purposes, we can distinguish intelligence into two distinct categories. Namely, these categories are known as Crystalized Intelligence and Fluid Intelligence. Readers need to understand that these two types of intellect are vital to everything that we do. They both come into play while we are at work, at school, or anywhere else. They complement each other, making one useless without the other.

  • Crystalized Intelligence – This type of intelligence pertains to the body of knowledge one has gained throughout their whole life. It includes your experiences, memories, and all the information you have accumulated over the years. So, for instance, when you memorize a book’s content, you are essentially adding to the crystallized intelligence which is primarily located in your long-term memory.
  • Fluid Intelligence: Fluid intelligence is more closely related to your cognitive abilities. This type of intelligence is reflected in the way you reason, learn, discern patterns, and solve problems. For instance, this is best seen when faced with a mathematical problem or an argument. Your fluid intelligence is put to work during these situations as your brain tries to solve these new dilemmas as they present themselves.

Of course one can see the connection between these two types of intelligence clearly. In order for the brain to solve new problems, we combine our cognitive skills with the knowledge we already know (crystallized intelligence) to solve the new problem at hand.


Nootropics for Boosting you Intelligence

Enhancing your intelligence is easier once you have a grasp of how intelligence is classified. For instance, your fluid intellect is closely related to your working memory capacity. This is because as you process new information, you are also accessing stored information in your long-term memory. You can boost your fluid intelligence by taking nootropics that specifically target your synaptic plasticity and short-term memory.

On the other hand, if you wish to improve your crystallized intelligence, then there is also a way for nootropics to help you do just that. Your supplements should be designed to boost not only long-term memory formation but also enhancing memory storage and facilitating easier recall.


Of course, this does not mean that boosting your intelligence should be divided into two categories as well. As explained, these two types are complementary. One would be useless without the other. So, if you truly want to make yourself smarter, choose a nootropic stack that enhances both.

Nootropic Stacking: Piracetam and Choline

For those who have started taking nootropics, then you may have already realized one of its major drawbacks. Most nootropics, particularly piracetam, can take quite a bit of time before their effects start to materialize.

This is one of the reasons why stacking is so important. After all, it is not recommended that you take just one supplement at a time. To get their full effects, you have to combine them with others. This is simply how you get the best possible results.

That is why if you are starting out with the Piracetam, we recommend that you stack it with Choline. The Choline should help hasten the entire process, giving it the jumpstart that it needs. Without it, the increased creativity and sharper memory may take a little while longer.

On top of this, combining both of these supplements can also amplify the overall effects. This is because their mixture results in the increased production of neurotransmitters in the system.

Of course, this is just one of the most basic things that you can do when stacking supplements. Make sure to do your research and experiment with different stacking options to get better results.

Maximizing Nootropic Stacking

Nootropic stacking pertains to the technique used by nutritional supplement enthusiasts. It is simple enough to understand. All you have to do is combine one supplement with one or more other supplements to get enhanced results.

Basic Stacking

Now, to give readers a concrete example of stacking, let us look at one of the most basic examples. Nootropic beginners need to ease into the whole stacking thing, that being said, we recommend that you start with your Piracetam first before moving on to other supplements.

Piracetam addresses a number of crucial cognitive issues. For instance, it can help foster your creativity, enhance your memory, and limit the negative impacts of cognitive decline due to aging. Now, the problem with this particular supplement is that it can be a little slow in terms of taking effect. That is why we recommend that you combine it with Choline to help hasten the process and strengthen the effects.

This is just one example of basic nootropic stacking. Combining your basic piracetam with other supplements is a good way to start. There are so many possible combinations for you to explore, so get started!

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